” anthem ” Demo brief judge: The picture exceeds height of top-ranking level, flight limitation is too regretful

” anthem ” after VIP DEMO ends, a lot of people had the initial impression to this game. What we bring everybody today is YouTube channel ” Σ Sigma2 dimension is decoded ” right ” anthem ” of DEMO brief judge.
If,the author thinks ” anthem ” formal edition game can maintain try the level that enjoys edition toll-gate, game of year of absolutely qualified nomination (individual feeling is unlikely still) . That is to say, bioWare play gives their technical level on software and hardware, develop the toll-gate that game remains next according to this standard. Because of current experience for, this work does not have too big drawback really on game sex. Art style basis video, the author is right ” anthem ” art set likes very much, spent a lot of length to tell about the game environment that makes originally. Carbon task ” oppressor mine field ” it is by burrow switch arrives selva, reentrance bug mew, very natural and the switch between 3 kinds of environments is fluent, extraction course is read without any need among. The process that game fights is absorbing also, plainspoken, very amused really. The player can use skill and teammate collaboration to hit a lot of different Combo. And ” Warframe ” and ” destiny ” compare an author to express, know a lot of people to be able to mix this play ” Warframe ” and ” destiny ” quite, but tell the truth this two him game had played, and their machine nail design is incorrect oneself appetite, the reason is very simple, because the machine armour of these two game is too light, compared with armor, they more resembling is thin light clothing. When the group that make designs dynamical machine armour, whether it is very important to him to give ample weight early to feel, but ” Warframe ” and ” destiny ” machine armour looks buoyant be without weight to feel. Contrary ” anthem ” the heft that no matter be the feel or causes when be born impact that shakes when the flight,can let you feel these machine armour, the acoustical sonic boom of the generation when at the same time the machine armour in game breaks through sonic barrier also has contented feeling quite. Machine armour exterior is defined oneself as to the subterranean bug mew that is full of characteristic, all deserted god tools make a person very satisfactory, and exterior of the armor inside game also comparatives from definition link interesting. Machine armour is major the position is OK and free chromatically, the government offers whole mix colors directly dish the facial expression that allows him player to choose need, color comes on dish pledge to metallic ability below mix colors, player all can choose freely. DEMO tries play the gut of edition very few, but because contacted Relic,have a NPC and dissension gives case of 3 individual character the clue of each different ego. At present the character of certain part shapes phase and the story uprights at ” radiation: New Weijiasi ” and ” radiation 4 ” between. The fixed position that needs improvement place to read the flight in taking Bug sport indefinitely looks at present, bioWare still fails utmost favourable geographical position uses flight function, just become its fixed position mobile auxiliary instrument, but with current technical level for, bioWare is capable that development gives the fight of higher administrative levels, see the government is bigger in the toll-gate that the hope can open in future the element that limit favourable geographical position uses a flight joins air battle, the 2 dimension plane of game battle evolution weighs three-dimensional and stereo battle. Flight height upper limit is too low, cannot tramp over hill and dale can surround only mountain peak flies, let a person hard to one’s heart’s content, hope government tomorrow can open taller flight height, if can achieve GTA5 the sort of flight height, can general view numerous hill is small. General comment: 9 minutes of final authors made 9 minutes of assessments for this VIP DEMO: All of specially good effect of physical engine, smooth shadow is current the most top-ranking level, but for wait-and-see to still still be in audience, what can this DEMO persuade, what be anxious because of the player is not game content, however EA.

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