” culminating glitter: Tramp ” development business is announced make newly ” sun grey country “

In order to resemble element wind tall difficulty behavioral game ” culminating glitter: Tramp ” and what the independent play that gets a name developed business Heart Machine to announce them today is brand-new work — ” sun grey country (Solar Ash Kingdom) ” , this game will land EPIC game store.
Regard Heart Machine as afterwards ” culminating glitter: Tramp ” later brand-new work, ” sun grey country ” look and former drawing complexion some make likeness on tone. Although prevue is very short,do not pass, still can look reach before be being compared, be made ” sun grey country ” had risen on the technology a grade, become 3D at least. About ” sun grey country ” what we still know is very little, nevertheless Heart Machine respect discloses say, they can pass brand-new world, part and atmosphere to relate the story of a beauty. ” culminating glitter: Tramp ” be in the earliest PC platform put on sale, transplanting arrives later other platform. Those who make a person regretful is, at present ” sun grey country ” did not announce any version except EPIC game store.

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